We have the guts to take on everything. Our obsession with every aspect of a project is what first inspired our integrated approach: designers and builders under one roof. Your roof.


Architecture is not just a language, it is a conversation with its own context; a confluence of nature, heritage, culture and client needs. It is essentially a matter of proportion. Once the space is well defined by its boundaries, its relation to its surroundings, and its hierarchy within the ensemble, it becomes the canvas for the design of interiors.


Interior design is a conversation between a space and its function. The ultimate goal is to achieve an aesthetical and healthy environment where all selected elements coincide with client aspirations, material properties, and creative vision.


Building marks the transformation of architectural and design concepts into tangible reality. With meticulous planning, proportional risk assessment, and the gathering of confirmed resources, it heralds the exhilarating journey for clients, architects, designers, and skilled artisans alike. It is a balance of commitment and passion, the materialization of shared aspirations between the team and the client, and the ultimate meeting of vision and reality.


Decoration serves as the tangible and aesthetic bridge between the client's needs and their transformation into something beyond the purely functional, reaching the realm of the sublime. This culminating stage in the design process solidifies the original vision, evolving it into an exhilarating journey where every decision made, from inception to completion, contributes to a grand masterpiece. Here, space is imbued with soul and joie de vivre.

All of this under one roof

The first and only integrated company in the construction industry, Les Ensembliers bring together two entities: a design agency and a construction company, which are controlled by two shareholders: Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellette. Les Ensembliers works closely with the architectural firm Maxime Vandal Architectes.

Our team, comprised of designers, technologists, estimators, project managers, craftsmen and accountants, works in constant synergy and has only one objective: to deliver the best possible project with maximum process flexibility.


This business model provides customers with all the benefits of true synergy: we are devoted to the project rather than to coordinating stakeholders; the creative process ends when the job ends, rather than before it starts; the budget is adapted to the realities of the construction site, as well as to changing customer needs. This model serves primarily to spread out customer decisions, thus accelerating the project by improving its components. The finished project isn’t a mere shadow of the original idea, but the result of a holistic creative process. Les Ensembliers: a company specializing in the study and implementation of projects that bring together an important and coherent group of players in the construction sector.