Émilie Malouin

La Ring Leader


After acting as a real estate broker for 5 years on various residential development projects, Émilie joined the Les Ensembliers team in 2014, as a management assistant.

She quickly distinguished herself through her versatility and organizational skills, and was entrusted with small renovation projects. The success of these projects earned her the management of larger and larger projects, and a position as project manager in the construction team.

Driven by the realization of Maxime and Richard’s vision, Emilie pays particular attention to every step of the way, with the aim of delivering an exceptional home to her customers.

Her hard work, commitment to excellence and ability to manage complex projects quickly earned her the recognition of her peers and the respect of suppliers and subcontractors.

Building on her experience, Emilie rose through the ranks to become Operations Manager, a position of great responsibility that enables her to effectively supervise and coordinate all the activities of the construction department. Her effective management of resources and exceptional leadership contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Emilie embodies success in the construction and real estate industry, and her determination continues to inspire and motivate those fortunate enough to work alongside her. She is living proof that perseverance and dedication are the key to our success.